How many engineers in the world have worked on

earphones and headphones for more than 50 years?

Japan has been leading the audio equipment industry.

In the heart of Japan, in Tokyo, there is Nittoku Corp., the manufacturer of earphones and headphones. Yes, that's our company.


As you probably already know, the engineers who have been working specifically with earphones and headphones for more than half a century are right here in our company.

Mr. Komoda and Mr. Takashima are two of the leading figures in the earphone and headphone industry.


Nittoku Corp. has been involved in a number of OEM/ODM projects for global audio manufacturers.


Nittoku's technology is like the blood flowing through the body of the Japanese music scene, pumping into Japan’s recording studios as well as people listening to music as they walk down the street.


Until now, however, these technologies have never been visible to the public.

We have been quietly supporting the world's leading audio equipment manufacturers.


At last in 2020, we finally launched our own brand.

Our aim? Just to deliver the sound we have believed in directly to you.

That is the essence of "newspring".


More than 50 years have passed.

Times have changed, from vinyl records, to cassette tapes, CDs, and now high-resolution.

Why is it that people today, while pursuing cutting-edge sound technology, still say that vinyl records sound best?

Is there such a thing as "good sound" that transcends history?


The answer lies in “newspring”.