Policy of NSE1000

Precise Pairing


By using precision acoustic measuring instruments, our technicians perform pairing work precisely under uniformly controlled conditions at each step of 100Hz and 0.5dB.

A unique pair of matched earphones will be delivered to you.

Pre-Product Aging


Thanks to a 24-hour aging process prior to shipment, the NSE1000 is shipped in a state that allows you to enjoy music from the very moment you remove the earphones from the packaging.

Enjoy the taste of aged sound with NSE1000, just like a fine whiskey that has mellowed with age.

Reliable Backup System


NSE 1000 comes with a special warranty card. This card has an individual serial number, and even after you receive your NSE1000 we will continue to provide after-sales service with our reliable backup system.

Made in Japan


The NSE1000 is made by hand right up to its packaging in a clean and controlled environment. It is a reliable Japanese-made high-precision product created by our meticulous technicians.

Sound Recommended by Sound Specialists


The NSE1000 earphones are highly trusted by sound experts such as musicians and recording/sound engineers.

Right from the experimental stage, our product development included getting experts to try samples. The products in the NSE1000 series are designed in such a way that allows the character of individual earphones to display their originality, which is firmly supported by the "solid sound" flowing from the earphones.

First, Listen to the Sound


NSE1000 has been produced with confidence and sincerity.

First, we want as many people as possible to listen to the sound.

With that in mind, we will develop services that will allow you to have access to the NSE1000 earphones, such as by providing rental services or places to experience the sound.