Product Features

A foundation of reliable sound that 

values the individuality of inner ear headphones.

Drivers Unites


The NSE1000-A, NSE1000-B and NSE1000-G are each equipped with a different type of driver unit with different specifications

We have developed three unique driver units through repeated prototyping by combining two types of diaphragms made of different materials and four special CCAWs with other characteristics.



Carbon-coated high-polymer film

An ultra-thin polymer film is coated with carbon to ensure suppleness and rigidity.

Super engineering plastic film

Super engineering plastic film is used to increase rigidity.

Voice Coils


CCAW (Copper-Clad Aluminum Wire)

These three types of voice coils were carefully selected and perfected after repeated prototyping using a combination of four special CCAWs (*1). All of them are unique while achieving a wide range of tones and pure broad bandwidth reproduction.


*1: By changing the ratio of aluminum to the copper covering that covers it, the sound quality can be finely tuned, which clearly differentiates this product from ordinary CCAWs for which the ratio is almost fixed.

Copper Plate


The eddy current loss caused by the voice coil movement has been reduced, which improves the magnetic characteristics in the high-frequency range.



Two new types of core wire configuration further accentuate the unique sound quality of the unit.

NSE1000-A / NSE1000-G


Hybrid litz wire

OFC litz wire is a high-purity copper wire with oxides removed as much as possible.

Hybrid litz wire is a silver-coated 4N OFC litz wire (the surface of the copper wire is coated with silver, which has a lower resistance than copper) placed on the outside of the OFC litz wire.

Silver-coated 4N OFC lits wire


Extra-fine 4N OFC litz wire



Extra-fine litz wire

OFC litz wire is a high-purity copper wire with oxides removed as much as possible.

Extra-fine 4N OFC litz wire

MMCX Connector


A detachable MMCX connector with gold plating is used for connection to the body.

From the MMCX connector to the plug, left and right are completely separated.

There is no joint at the junction, resulting in excellent separation and greatly improved electrical signal loss.

connection plug.png

Connection Plug

The connection plug to the playback device is a non-magnetic 24 karat gold-plated φ3.5mm stereo mini plug.