Product Features - Cables


Three types of lightweight, flexible and high-performance cable are available.

Wire designed and carefully selected by skilled engineers will take your audio environment into high-end territory.



The NSE1000-A, NSE1000-B and NSE1000-G are each equipped with a different type of driver unit with different specifications


We have developed three unique driver units through repeated prototyping by combining two types of diaphragms made of different materials and four special CCAWs with other characteristics.

Silver-coated litz wire


This cable uses silver-coated 4N OFC litz wire, which combines the strengths of copper (conductivity, etc.) with the shiny appearance of silver. The high-quality sound is clear, transparent and finely detailed.

Extra-fine litz wire


This cable uses super-fine 4N OFC litz wire from which oxides have been removed to the greatest extent possible. The beautiful sound of your earphones will be presented with a soft touch.

Hybrid litz wire


This cable uses 4N OFC litz wire in combination with silver-coated 4N OFC litz wire. This brings out even more detail and resolution from your earphones.

Flexible and easy to handle

The coating material used in this product is flexible and highly transparent. Whether listening to music or putting away in a case, it’s a joy to handle.

With no wires or other entanglements, it can be used comfortably for earphones that hang down like the 

NSE1000 series or for ear-mounted earphones like the IEM. 


Design that completely separates left and right

From the earphone connectors to input plugs, L and R are kept completely separate. Excellent channel separation is achieved by eliminating joints in the diverging parts. 

Both the balanced connection model and the 3.5mm single-end model deliver clear sound with superb left-right separation. 


Carefully selected parts, right down to the details

An input plug made by TOPURAHANBAI using non-magnetic 24-carat gold plating is adopted. The MMCX connector also uses gold-plated parts to dramatically reduce electric signal loss.

*This product is only available as an MMCX model, but models featuring different types of connectors are also under consideration.