Special Interview


Recording Engineer

Seiji Sekine

- Profile
Joined VICTOR STUDIO in 1994. Freelance since 2000. Has worked on numerous hit products, including m-flo, SMAP, Tomoyasu Hotei, and MIYAVI. In 2007, participated in the recording session for Kanye West's "Stronger”, which reached No. 1 on the Billboard chart. He was also awarded a Grammy for the same song. In recent years, he has participated in sessions for NEWS and Ulfuls. Besides artist programs, he is also involved in a wide range of TV content, commercials, video content and total production work.

He's using the NSE1000-B

The issue of "good sound" is an eternal theme. In terms of whether high-fidelity sound is "good sound”, the sound recorded with an analogue tape recorder really has a warmth to it. And it is impossible to create that with today's high-fidelity sound. On the other hand, the lo-fi sound is not necessarily "good sound", right?
What particularly surprised me when I listened with the NSE1000-B this time was the clarity of the high end and how the sound grew. The sound is also wonderfully expansive. It has a much better sonic space and excellent sound reproducibility. The total balance is ideal, so listening to female vocals or instrumental music was very comfortable. I can't think of any particular genre that is difficult to listen to. This model is perfect for any genre. I really wanted to use them in my work to check how things sound and are mixed.
As recording engineers, it's our job to ensure the equipment is in good condition to create good sound. Even for a single cable, we are concerned with its type, manufacturer, length, and even where they are used. 
It might be an urban legend that the sound is not so good with a wireless system. Still, I believe that the reproducibility, density and directness of the sound can be expressed better with a wired system. I believe that wired sound is absolutely better, so I think newspring's particular preference for wired sound is very worthwhile.
At the recording site, we make music at least at the high-resolution standard of 24 bit/48 kHz. In some instances, we also record at 24 bit/96 kHz. In the sense that we can deliver these as they are to the listeners, they are also advantageous because they are compatible with high-resolution sound sources.
Engineers and performers carry out recordings and mixing with particular care shown to microphones, cables, and equipment. We want to deliver the sound we hear in the studio to the people who use this equipment. This newspring NSE1000-B has made that happen.
The NSE1000 is a product of Nittoku's technology and soul, and I hope you will give it a try and listen.