Special Interview


Audio Critic

Hiroaki Kudo

In 2016, started working for e☆Earphone, a specialist shop for earphones and headphones. Since 2017, he has been working as a PR director under the name Daisensei, managing the official blog and YouTube channel, and working as a stage MC for events. Started his career as a freelancer in 2020. Building on his experience, he is active in a wide range of genres: writing mainly about portable audio, web video production, and MCing live broadcast programs.

He's using the NSE1000-G

When you hear the name of a new brand, you may think of it as up-and-coming. As for this new brand, "newspring", Nittoku Corp., the manufacturer, has on display a large old signboard that reads "Japan Special Microphone Works”. This is from the time of Nittoku's predecessor, Japan Special Microphone Works, which is a manufacturer with a rather long history, having started in 1986. Its history is also very rich. If you learn about this background, I think you will become more attached to and interested in the newspring inner ear headphones.
The more I learned about the brand for this interview, the more I found it to be the first time in a long time that a highly spirited manufacturer had emerged. I thought them as "artisanal" in the best sense of the word, and I was surprised at the price of the brand's first inner ear headphones. And the fact that they released three models with only dynamic type products was a concept that I felt convinced would wow audiophiles.
However, as a manufacturer working on OEM products for major audio manufacturers for many years, they must have confidence in their technical capabilities. I was instantly persuaded of their dedication to their products, as the sound came out was wonderful on first listen.
My favorite is the newspring NSE1000-G. It uses German silver for the housing material. The texture is like that of a luxury watch, very pleasing to the touch and to the eye. The diaphragm is also made of super engineering plastic film, which tickles the audio fans' fancy, doesn't it?
The NSE1000 is available in three models: A (aluminum alloy), B (brass), and G (German silver), each of which has a distinctly different character due to differences in the housing material. My impression is that A and B deliver a faithful, professional sound. In this sense, I found the G to provide a very interesting flavor on a purely musical level, perhaps due to its German silver housing material. I felt that it was deliberately colored, and I thought it had a very good character.
Compared with the "A" and "B" models, I felt that the NSE1000-G had a more refined feel. I have a fetish for powerful and tight bass. The NSE1000-G has an excellent balance of attack that only the dynamic type can provide while maintaining a tight sound. There is no clipping in the mid- and high-frequency range, which is often the case with inner ear headphones that have a powerful sound quality. Subtle and granular sound can be heard in the right balance. The total balance of sound quality is crisp, yet not painful to the ears. I like the feeling of ease of listening as different features come together.
It looks like each of the three models has its own fans on social networking sites. If you only experience it once, you will fully see its carefully elaborated construction, its sound, and that these inner ear headphones are made with an uncompromising spirit down to the details that only Made in Japan can provide. So please give it a try!